17 inch Infrared touch screen

Рекомендум для внутреннего использования.

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  • 1-point or Real 2/4/6/10 multi touch point
  • 4096×4096 Resolution, USB or RS232 Interface
  • Withstands severe environments
  • Stable, no-drift calibration performance
  • Material is tempered glass with high light transmittance
  • Finger, gloved hand and touch pen activation
  • Operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor
  • Our products have passed CE, FCC, ROHS certification!

Produt Specification

Physical characteristic

  Standard color   black
  Material   tempered glass
  Transparency   ≥92%
  USB connector cable   1500mm
  Minimum touch object   ≥5mm
  Input method   Finger,gloved hand,or opaque object
  Resolution   4096×4096
Dimensions WхDхH – 383х315х8,3 мм

Electrical characteristic

  Scan frequency   60Hz
  Interface type   USB2.0 or RS232
  Output format   Coordinate output
  Response time   <15ms
  Touch accuracy   2mm
  Working voltage   DC +5V+/-5%
  Power supply   USB
  Operation current   <180mA

Environmental suitability

  Working temperature   -20℃~65℃
  Storage temperature   -40℃~85℃
  Working humidity   0~85% RH,non-condensing
  Storage humidity   0~95% RH,non-condensing
  Light immunity   Anti-glare


  Touch times   unlimited
  Flammability   UL94V-0
  Certification   CE,FCC,ROHS

Software characteristic

 Windows 2000/Windows XP/Win 7/ Win 8/Windows NT/Linux/Mac

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